Special Features
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DualBrite® is a patented Heath/Zenith technology that provides energy saving two-level lighting operating at half power until motion is detected and full power lighting when motion is detected.
CreepZone™ is a patented Heath/Zenith technology that eliminates dead zones in motion detection areas. Standard motion security lights operate with detection zones away from the light but cannot detect motion directly beneath the light. Heath/Zenith’s CreepZone™ lights have the most complete detection coverage on the market today, detecting motion directly beneath the light in addition to the left, right and front zones.
Wireless Command® is an exclusive Heath/Zenith technology that allows wireless motion detectors to control wired security lights. Wireless Command® security lights use battery operated motion detectors and 120V (wired) security lights creating flexibility in motion detection. All Wireless Command® products are fully compatible with each other, allowing multiple motion detectors to be used with one or more lights to create a full web of security in areas where conventional lights may not be applicable.
Title-24 is California’s energy efficiency standards for residential and commercial buildings and applies to all new construction and any projects requiring a building permit. The law forces outdoor lighting to use motion sensors and photocontrols or H.I.D. lighting to deliver a minimum number of lumens per watt and achieve improved energy efficiency.
Visit www.energy.ca.gov/title24 for more information.
*Heath/Zenith has determined that selected fixtures meet Title-24 guidelines when used as recommended.
RangeBoost™ is an exclusive Heath/Zenith technology that adds 30 feet of motion detection range from the light fixture. Our exclusive Double Pulse-Count technology reduces false triggering and allows our lights to reliably detect motion farther than the competition.