Security & Convenience
Security is a primary reason to buy Heath/Zenith Motion Activated Security Lighting. Studies show that light is the #1 deterrent to crime. Motion lighting is intelligent and gives the appearance of a startled homeowner turning on the lights to investigate whatís going on outside. Patented features like CreepZone®*, DualBrite®* and Wireless Command®* provide additional security and convenience, more reasons why Heath/Zenith is the industry leader in motion activated security lighting.

Convenience is another great benefit of Heath/Zenithís motion activated security lighting. Whether itís a late night BBQ, working outside at night or being able to see the steps to avoid a fall, motion activated lighting is very useful. For times when constant light is needed, Heath/Zenith motion activated lights also have a manual override mode* allowing them to function as switch-controlled lights for constant on, dusk-to-dawn lighting.