Energy Savings
Lights are activated when motion is detected, so there’s no need to waste electricity by leaving the lights on all night. Plus, with our patented photo control, there’s no need to worry about leaving your lights on during the day.

Heath/Zenith’s DualBrite® lighting provides the most energy efficient DualBrite* lighting available with standard bulbs. DualBrite® lighting provides constant accent lighting (at half wattage) and full power security lighting upon motion detection. The DualBrite® feature can be used from dusk-to-dawn or for set time periods after dusk.

Look for the logo on the package.
See Demonstration.

Heath/Zenith’s Solar Powered lights use FREE ENERGY from the Sun, saving you money on electric bills. With the ability to provide lighting where there is no electricity, our LED and Halogen models are the brightest available.