Wireless Command Lighting Controls
Solution Sets for Lamps
SL-6008 Lamp Remote Set
WC-6009-WH Double Lamp Remote Set
SL-6013 Child's Lamp Remote Set
SL-6019-WH Motion Activated Indoor Alert Set
SL-6037 Solar Powered Motion Driveway Alert Set
SL-6020-WH Remote Receptacle Set
SL-6020-IV Remote Receptacle Set
SL-6022 Remote Controlled Outlet Strip
Solution Sets for Other Lighting
WC-6025 Remote Controlled Socket Set
WC-6024 Motion Activated Socket Set
SL-6026 Motion Socket Set
SL-6021-WH Remote Light Set
SL-6021-IV Remote Light Set
SL-6018-WH Child's Light Remote Set
SL-6018-IV Child's Light Remote Set
WC-6023-WH 3 Way Switch Set
WC-6023-IV 3 Way Switch Set
SL-6051-WH Motion Light Set
SL-6051-IV Motion Light Set
SL-6053 Motion light with Dual-Brite Set
Additional Remote Controls for Wireless Motion Sensors
SL-6030-WH 180° Wireless Motion Sensor
SL-6030-BZ 180° Wireless Motion Sensor
SL-6032 240° Wireless Motion Sensor
SL-6033 360° Solar Powered Motion Sensor
Additional Remote Controls
SL-6007 Master Controller
SL-6005 Remote Control
Additional Controls for Lamps
SL-6011 Lamp Plug-in
SL-6012 Lamp Plug-In with Alert
SL-6015-WH Wired Receptacle
SL-6015-IV Wired Receptacle
Additional Controls for Other Lighting

SL-6028-WH  Floodlight with Wireless Motion Sensor

SL-6028-BZ Floodlight with Wireless Motion Sensor
SL-6010 Socket
SL-6017-WH Wired Wall Switch
SL-6017-IV Wired Wall Switch