Why Lighting Controls?
Save Energy, Save Money, and help Save the Environment
Using Heath/Zenith Lighting Controls will help reduce electricity costs by turning off the lights for you. For example, the Motion Activated Lighting Controls automatically turn the lights on and off as you enter or leave the room.
Convenience, Security, and Safety!
Heath/Zenith has a lighting control solution for numerous needs around the home. One touch control allows you to turn lights on, off or dim them from a distance.
Turn on, off, or dim bedside lamps without reaching or getting out of bed – Lamp Remote Set SL-6008 Double Lamp Remote Set SL-6009 Got a hard to reach switch that just isn’t where you need it to be? Add A Switch Light or Lamp Set WC-6003 or WC-6036 Give your child the freedom to turn lights on and off by themselves – Child’s Lamp Remote Set – SL-6013 Be Alerted Inside when Motion is Detected Outside Motion Activated Indoor Alert Set SL-6019, Motion Light Set with DualBrite SL-6053 Solar Powered Motion Driveway Alert Set SL-6037
See the Plan Your Home section for a demonstration of how to use Lighting Controls throughout your home.