How Do Lighting Controls Work?
What is RF Technology?
RF Technology is an application of using radio frequency to transmit and receive electronic signals to control a wireless device. A set includes a transmitter to initiate commands and a receiver to accept the commands. Common wireless devices are garage door openers, cell or cordless telephones and wireless internet connections.

How Does RF Technology Work?
RF devices work by creating or receiving radio waves pulse ‘signals’ at a set frequency. A transmitter creates pulses detected by a receiver. The receiver interprets the pulses then activates the command – ON, OFF, or DIM. Heath/Zenith controls separate digital transmission codes for each control eliminating the problem of multiple lights turning on when one light is desired.

Make Your Own Set!
Mix and Match the different remotes and add on control to create a lighting solution customized to fit your needs. Heath/Zenith remotes require an add on control to complete the set.
Click here for a demonstration video