Product Recall

HeathCo, LLC in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, announced the recall of several models of Motion Activated Decorative Lights sold by HeathCo, LLC at retail stores between 2006 and 2013. The models that are subject to this recall are:

Portfolio PF-4129-AZ
Heath®-Zenith SL-4129-AZ
Heath®-Zenith SL-4148-RB4-A
Heath®-Zenith SL-4148-RB-A
Heath®-Zenith Secure Home SH-4169-BK
Heath®-Zenith Secure Home SH-4169-SV
Heath®-Zenith SL-4169-BK
Heath®-Zenith SL-4169-SV
Heath®-Zenith SL-4254-RS
Portfolio PF-4294-OR
Heath®-Zenith Secure Home SH-4294-OR
Heath®-Zenith SL-4294-OR
Heath®-Zenith HZ-4305-BK
Heath®-Zenith HZ-4305-WH
Heath®-Zenith SL-4305-WH-B
Heath®-Zenith SL-4305-BK-B
Heath®-Zenith SLV-4305-BK4-B
Heath®-Zenith SLV-4305-WH4-B
Heath®-Zenith SL-4350-AZ-B
Heath®-Zenith SL-4350-BK
Heath®-Zenith SL-4350-NB-B

The price for the product ranged from $49.95 to $119.95, depending on model.

Hazard: During installation, bulb replacement, or adjustment of the fixture, if consumers fail to disconnect the power at the circuit breaker and the internal fixture wiring has been damaged or becomes disconnected and contacts internal metal couplers, there is a risk of an electric shock.

Consumers should check their decorative light(s) to determine if they have one of the affected models. The decorative lights with the model numbers shown above come in several colors and designs, as shown in the images below.

Many decorative lights have a similar appearance so to determine if your light is involved in the recall, you will need to examine the back of the fixture canopy to compare the model number. Consumers should ensure power to the circuit from the circuit breaker is turned off before interacting with or servicing the recalled light fixture and contact the company for a replacement light fixture.

If your light matches one of the models shown above, please click on the model for further information.








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