Standard Features
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an independent, not-for-profit product-safety testing and certification organization. Since their founding in 1894, they have held the undisputed reputation as a leader in product-safety testing and certification within the United States. UL is also becoming one of the most recognized, reputable conformity assessment providers in the world.
All Heath/Zenith decorative lights are UL listed.
Heath/Zenith uses superior Pulse-Count Technology to set the industry standard for motion detection. Pulse-Count prevents false triggering by reading heat and movement in pulses as opposed to single occurrences. As a result, only substantial motion is detected, such as humans and animals.
Dusk-to-Dawn operation ensures lights are non-operational in daylight and only function at night, when needed. Photo controls are used to sense the amount of daylight in the area around the lighting fixture. For motion controlled fixtures with Dusk-to-Dawn operation, they become operational (i.e. motion controlled) at night and turn off at daybreak. For non-motion controlled fixtures, they become lighted at night and turn off at daybreak.
All Heath/Zenith decorative lights have the Dusk-to-Dawn feature.
Adjustable sensitivity is a standard feature on all Heath/Zenith lanterns. This feature allows the user to adjust the distance at which the lantern senses motion.
Heath/Zenith’s motion security lights offer a test mode position allowing the user to test and adjust the motion sensor in the daytime. With the Daytime Test Feature, the motion sensor will activate the light in either day or night conditions, while in test mode.
Manual override is a standard feature on all Heath/Zenith motion decorative lights. The purpose of the override is to allow motion activated lights to work as switch controlled lights, bypassing the motion controlled setting to a constant ON setting. In manual override mode, the light will come on, if dark, and stay on until the manual mode is turned off, or until daylight. When reset, the light returns to the automatic motion controlled mode.
Multiple Fixture Control (Red Wire Feature) is an exclusive feature in all Heath/Zenith wall-mount lanterns that allows one fixture to control multiple lights on the same switch. Homeowners can enjoy the simultaneous motion activation and light level control on multiple fixtures, up to 1,000 Watts of total power.
Selectable ON Time allows the user to choose 1, 5 or 10 minutes for the amount of time the light will remain on full bright lighting after the sensor stops detecting motion. After the selected amount of time, the light will automatically turn off or return to accent mode (DualBrite® models). This feature is standard on all Heath/Zenith decorative fixtures.
Color matched lenses help hide the sensor in the style of the lantern. All Heath/Zenith lanterns have color matched lenses.