Push Buttons
The wide variety of Heath/Zenith push buttons guarantees you will find a style that complements your homes front décor. Both wired and wireless push buttons are available in varying styles and finishes.

We were one of the first to "shed light" on the category by being the market leader in lighted push buttons. Today many of our push buttons contain long lasting LED lights (they last 10x longer than incandescent bulbs!). Halo-lighted push buttons welcome evening visitors to your home. Our patented Key-Finder lighted button shines a light where you need it.

Our push buttons install in a matter of minutes. All push buttons can be secured by screws, or in the case of wireless buttons, simply with double-sided tape.

Shopping for a push button? Make sure to measure the space the push button needs to fit in. Some Heath/Zenith push buttons can fit in a space as narrow as 0.75" wide